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Top 7 Tattoos Trending in 2021

While tattoos are permanent the trends in body art are anything but. Our expert tattoo artists weigh in on the what they think will be 2021's top trending body art styles.

  1. Birth Date Tattoos

    John, 727 Tattoo artist & Owner, says "after 2020 and EVERYTHING that came just before it, people are going to be more appreciative of their loved ones. A birthdate is a nice, small, symbol that you can get to honor a loved one.

  2. Spiritual Symbol Tattoos

    Tattoos representing religion or spirituality aren't new, but in a post Covid-19 world, people are finding new connections to their beliefs.

    "Spirituality helped so many people find peace in the chaos of 2022.", says Leejah, the shop's newest artist, "This is starting to show in the trends of 2021 body art."

    Spiritual designs may range from stars, crosses, and holy symbols, to mandalas or lines from sacred texts, among others.

  3. Symbols of Nature Designs

    Mike thinks, "after a year of lockdown and limited travel, most people are finding a new appreciation of the great outdoors and are immortalizing that on their bodies."

    Plants, animals, and astronomical symbols are all part of nature inspired tattoo designs.

  4. Traditional Style tattoos

    "Traditional style tattoos will always be the bread and butter of tattoo artists.", says Anthony, "I don't see that ending any time soon". He notes that with more time to research tattoo designs, people have become more familiar with the traditional styles.

    Traditional style tattoos feature bold lines, dark shading and bright pops of color from a limited "classic" color pallette.

  5. Portrait Tattoos

    John sees tattoo portraits on the rise throughout 2021-2022.

    "I think we're definitely going to see the faces of loved ones popping up more in tattoos these next 2 years. Whether it's ones we've lost to Covid, or ones we're thankful we still have."

  6. Tribal Tattoos

    Tribal tattoos whose dark lines and negative space are inspired by Polynesian and South American art & tattoos were made popular in the late 1990s, but still remain popular today.

  7. Simple Line Work Tattoos

    Minimalism is always in and tattoos are no different. People are getting small, cute, tattoos with simple lines and occasional line drags to simulate stippling.

On the flip side

Just as body art trends rise, so they must fall. This year we're seeing a decline in cartoon and cartoon style tattoo requests. Another tattoo option on the decline is requests for medium size tattoos; people are going small or very large, with very little in between. "Go big or go home" was driven home deep by 2020 if nothing else.

With so many people struggling financially in 2020, and even 2021, tattoos representing wealth are way down. People are feeling more humble, more grateful, this year and it reflects in their body art choices. Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it does buy tattoos representing happiness.

Lower back tattoos, i.e. the "tramp stamp" have been on a decline for several years, but 2021 sees them fading away in all their remaining glory. These tattoos were always easier to hide with clothing than arm or leg tattoos, but with the increased acceptance of tattooed people in the work place, there's less call for concealable tattoos than ever before.


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