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National Tattoo Association, Inc. (NTA)
The National Tattoo Association was founded in 1976, with it's main focus being on a heightened social awareness of tattooing as a contemporary art form. The association has since become an organization dedicated to the advance in quality, safety standards, and professionalism in the tattooing community. The associations' membership boasts some of the most talented artists worldwide.
Alliance of Professional Tattooists, Inc. (ATP)
The Alliance of Professional Tattooists, Inc. is a nonprofit educational organization that was founded in 1992 to address the health and safety issues facing the tattoo industry. Up until that time, no organized effort to educate artists or standardize infection control procedures had been made and increased popularity was bringing the industry under the scruntiny of lawmakers and health officials. Recognizing the need for change, a group of concerned professionals formed APT and the work began. As a testimony to our success, look at tattoo advertising. In the early 90's, very few shops mentioned autoclave sterilization, seterile equipment or gloves. Now these procedures are standard.